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A socially responsible, fast & fun way to commute

Think EVs are truly zero emission?

Think again.

Did you know EV batteries contain Cobalt which were mined with child labor?

Introducing Cyberbaja

Meet Cyberbaja. It’s like a bicycle but with 4 wheels and this allows everyone to do a whole lot more. Welcome to the first micromobility good enough to do your whole commute daily. With solar roof and the largest battery ever in micromobility, Cyberbaja is by far the most capable vehicle allowed in the bike lane ever.

We use Cobalt-free batteries that are also safer.

Up to 

 30 mph

Legal in bike lane

Solar roof


2 seats & belts

100 mile


per charge

All because we don’t want you to worry about your commute.

Track your Cyberbaja stats and location with our app.

Meet the team.

Al Park


Terje Oseberg


Jack Van

Director of Manufacturing




Our mission is to make commuting sustainable, fast & fun 

in cities and suburbs.

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